06 March 2007

Do Make Say Think / You, You're A History in Rust / Constellation [2007]

4 stars
Choice cuts: Bound to Be That Way/You, You're Awsome

With the cathartic energy of Explosions in the Sky and the grace of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Canada's Do Make Say Think elaborates on the blooming instrumental rock genre. The post-rock tag is confining as DMST expands its improvisational techniques with jazz influences, synthetic tones, loops and samples.

The guitar-bass-drum combination that makes up modern instrumental rock is rearranged on "You, You're a History in Rust," with cascading drums and crashing cymbals defining the album's lush atmosphere. Often guided by driving bass, guitar takes a backseat to a pounding and talented rhythm section.

Memorable guitar is not totally absent, though, leading songs like "The Universe!" with reckless abandon as overdriven riffs start and stop to create a pulsing buildup. Vocals are sparse but melody is not. Flute, strings, saxophone and trumpet create http://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifmelodic leads at the hands of the band's multi-instrumentalists, seen in the subtle violins on "Herstory of Glory."

Like early Broken Social Scene on steroids, "History" benefits from its singular vision of building tension to a breaking point, culminating in a beautiful release. Smooth pacing assures the album never drags and each harmonic deliverance builds tangentially to the next passage. The listener has to have an attention span, but patience is rewarded when the fog clears to reveal hooks in newfound clarity. Do Make Say Think compels one to endure escalation, but at each pinnacle's crescendo the talented musicians create grooves with a cinematic quality of growth through investment.

- Joseph Coscarelli

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