06 April 2007

CD of the Month: !!! Review on side bar of the Deli website

New Deli CD of the Month (April): "Myth Takes" by !!! (chk chk chk)

Sweaty club fiends need subtlety in their dance music like they need conversation in their nightlife; they prefer to just bump and grind. On the contrary, indie music dorks would rather be barraged with sonic intricacies than beaten over the head with thick bass and disco beats that might just get their hips gyrating. Fortunately for the centrist in us all, dance-punk veterans !!! cover all the bases on Myth Takes, combining Funkadelic absurdity and noisy guitars, resting them like a blanket over their knack for pop music. Deep and spastic vocals provide back-up ammunition for a percussive gun show, adding to the wall of commotion including crashing cymbals, thumping bass, and wild tambourine. !!! find the groove like X marked the spot and cause an uproar in the process- both in your speakers and on the dance floor. Myth Takes is far more cohesive than the band's back-catalog; !!! has perfected pacing as hook-laden shout-a-longs link seamlessly with ass-shaking club bangers. Tracks like "Must Be The Moon" could provide the band's launching pad and hint that it may be only a matter of time before the band leaves their contemporaries in the dust. "Infinifold" even supplies the night's final song, a tinkering piano ballad for last call, when the sweaty hipsters can grab their special someone by their skinny jeans and (slow)dance the ironic blues away.

- by Joseph Coscarelli .

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