19 April 2007

Mook / The Eggs EP / Battle of the Bands Submissions

Mook: Read about all the bands and vote HERE

Life, too often one beauty pageant after another, is best when a couple of goofy-looking, poorly dressed guys (a lá Pavement) can get their shit together and rock a little. Mook does exactly that. A spunky little four-piece, Mook displays an instrumental proficiency, but never sacrifices its indie-rock roots with a detour into prog. Instead, the start-and-stop influx of overdriven guitar and dirty organ provide the platform on which the vocals dominate. Descriptive, literate lyrics border on verbose but their sung/spoke delivery is sprinkled with carefully placed harmonies, making them sugary-sweet. Like Islands with less Paul Simon worship, the jazzy guitar work of Karate, handclaps and half-time, Mook's astute manipulation of influence give the band a familiar charm and a unique flair.

Their entry "The Eggs" EP is brimming with quirky potential and is instantly digestible thanks to the lively interplay between the keys and the six string. Their song "Quiet Sounds" is a hit, an attitude-infused foot-tapper that is not far off from the ever-so-hot pop-stomp of OK Go. Get these guys some treadmills and a choreographer and they're the next big thing.

- Joseph Coscarelli

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