24 May 2007

Sally Struthers and The Black Keys Team Up To Throw Live Music Fans A Proverbial Bone

I know you remember those late-night cable TV specials with Sally Struthers and the Christian Children’s Fund. For only cents a day, you could support a child’s health and overall well-being somewhere in Africa. Lately, as a music fan, I’ve felt like maybe I needed a sponsorship group, or at the very least a counseling group. In a day and age in which fans can end up paying for their favorite artist’s album with their entire paycheck, kidney, and first-born child, the musical panorama from a fan’s point of view is looking rather bleak. Flip me a quarter a day and I might be able to buy a major label release in a month or six. It wears on us as fans and most of all on our loyalty, to stores, bands, labels, and music in general...READ THE REST...

This (besides a good, free EP) is an example of the news stories I write every week for Tiny Mix Tapes which has been one of my favorite music websites for as long as I can remember. I've received the great opportunity to get involved with them and I highly recommend giving the site a chance if you're not familiar with it already. You might discover a great band (per day). All of my stories are collected here. Definitely check it out.

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