27 June 2007

"All the sniffling indie kids.."

Voxtrot @ Webster Hall - 15th June 2007(Credit)
Voxtrot are a textbook case of the music world in which we live; a band whose first and only full length was released less than one month ago but who had already garnered their share of mainstream press, acclaim and a loyal, widespread fan-base largely dependent on their coverage across the blogosphere and through downloadable music. On June 15th, three weeks from the day their eponymous debut hit shelves, the band played their largest New York City show at the palatial, but never cozy Webster Hall. Having graduating from Bushwick, Broolyn rooftops to Magnetic Field to Bowery Ballroom, it's fair to say the band has paid their tiny venue dues and having landed on one of the city's largest stages, lead singer Ramesh Srivastava wasn't shy to admit he was quite nervous about the night's festivities and not only because he had many family member's in the audience. Call it a combination of nerves and newness, but the band's most recent tunes fell almost entirely flat as did the front-man's banter throughout the night, largely focused on his Jerry Seinfeld-meets-Ian Curtis all black attire (with brown shoes, as he noted). Leaving him struggling with the crowd and barely getting by on his appeal and magazine smile, the entire show- crowd and band - was better off when the band shut up and stuck to the songs they know best. Read the rest...

Voxtrot Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, & Wives
Voxtrot Sway (demo version)

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