14 June 2007

"Chevy grill lookin' like a set of new braces."

Over at Wireless Bollinger they're doing a great '10 Bands to Watch' thing that isn't your typical Peter, Bjorn & Dan Deacon deal since it is based in Australia. Check it out and you might just find something you like. My contribution is on pop-rockers Belles Will Ring who have a bit of a Shins + Dandy Warhols thing going. The piece goes something like this:

"I’d say once the indie-disco 80’s hair cut phase this country is being plagued with disappears, something glorious will rise from the ashes," promises Belles' drummer Ivan Lisyak; a truly refreshing thought indeed. Read the whole thing if you're interested.

As the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band has come and gone, the Beatles legacy remains nothing if not over-determined. As the praise may never grow stale for the group's musical pinnacle, the most notable aspect of the masterwork remains its innovation, eternally calling into question the merits of any act in the behemoth's towering shadow. However, like a shining beacon – a North Star of rock 'n' roll – the band's sound and collaborative genius remain benchmarks present in group dynamics and more patently, in the form of direct musical models. But in the modern, while blatant imitation is certainly a contemptible offense, there is something to be said for a healthy synthesis of precursory influence, never more respectful than on Dr. Dog's We All Belong. ...Read the rest.

And as promised, my review of the Calvin Johnson show.

Loop it.
I can't stop listening to...

Get Him Eat Him 2 x 2
The impact of this song is undeniable. It's such a rush out of the gate and is an instantly grabbing, brilliant way to begin the album, Arms Down, even if there is a stark contrast between the immediacy of this track and the more reverent remainder of the record. The vocal effects are subtle but vital
and I've been on a bit of a vocoder kick but the production is flawless. There's something about a perfect burst in barely two-minutes that lends itself to at least 6 or 7 plays in a row.

Los Campesinos You! Me! Dancing!

As if it wasn't cemented already, Arts & Crafts is my absolute favorite label. The EP from their newest signees Los Campesinos!, Sticking Fingers Into Sockets, has what is possibly the most accurate title in recent memory. This is sugary, electricfying, and hyper-active but it's impossible to listen to without smiling. The youth, exuberance and those accents. This is sort of an epic song for what it is but, like 2x2, it goes against the game plan for the recording as a whole, as the 5 other tracks put together are hardly longer than this song. One word: glockenspiel.

Feist One, Two, Three, Four
I was pretty disappointed to miss Feist at Town Hall the past two nights but seeing her on Conan and knowing that she'll be at McCarren Pool on August 29th (w/ Kevin Drew!!) makes up for it.

*edit*: Conan video was taken down by NBC already, but here's the music video

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