20 June 2007

"Forget me now."

It's already an Arts & Crafts kind of day and I just realized that this mp3 never worked. So I wanted to try it again. I wrote about Los Campesinos! and specifically "You! Me! Dancing!":

"As if it wasn't cemented already, Arts & Crafts is my absolute favorite label. The EP from their newest signees Los Campesinos!, Sticking Fingers Into Sockets, has what is possibly the most accurate title in recent memory. This is sugary, electricfying, and hyper-active but it's impossible to listen to without smiling. The youth, exuberance and those accents. This is sort of an epic song for what it is but, like [Get Him Eat Him's] "2x2", it goes against the game plan for the recording as a whole, as the 5 other tracks put together are hardly longer than this song. One word: glockenspiel." Buy this EP.

I still can't stop listening. Here's the song (w/ a working link):

Los Campesinos You! Me! Dancing!

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