02 June 2007

Golden Ghost / Woods / Julie Doiron / Calvin Johnson @ Don Pedro's 6.01.07

Don Pedro's is an Ecuadorian restaurant which Todd P transforms into an all ages DIY show in a good sized performance space (albeit with no air conditioning). Despite the stuffiness of the room, the show was extremely pleasant with everyone in a great mood, just happy to be there.

Golden Ghost
A lo-fi project of Laura Goetz playing their first show as the band Golden Ghost. I was thoroughly impressed by their set of catchy little pop songs complete with tape loops, sound effects, group vocals and bare-bones guitar. Sounds like CocoRosie (Noah's Ark) or Jana Hunter with a little of the child-like voice of Joanna Newsom. They even covered Mariah Carey, Final Fantasy style.

Golden Ghost- I Go Out Anyway

Woods was a great duo, similarly lo-fi with their own set of tape loops. They were backed by a drummer who sometimes played bass, but it was their echoing harmonies and sneaky hooks that were both soothing and intriguing. Give them a listen, "Be Still" comes highly, highly recommended.

Julie Doiron
Julie is Canadian singer-songwriter who blew me away with charm. She has a voice which always sounds on the verge of going hoarse that occasionally sounded like Feist or smoky like Chan Marshall but with a bit less vocal polish. I just can't believe I didn't know of her before. Highlight: a cover of Pavement's "Shady Lane".

Julie Doiron- No More

Calvin Johnson
K Records head-honcho Calvin Johnson closed out the night with a strangely engaging set of crazy dances, offbeat monologues and some musical highlights from his extensive catalog. It was my first live experience with him and I'll have a much more extensive review of his portion of the show for Wireless Bollinger coming soon. Mostly, I just wanted to highlight the engaging, completely impressive cast of bands who opened the show.

*edit* - HERE's a full review of the show.

If you want a concert experience that doesn't feel like NYC, please go see a Don Pedro's show. And check out these bands.. they're worth a right-click.

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