19 June 2007

"I could dress in black and read Camus."

The Deli's New CD of the Month: Battles- Mirrored

Battles' Mirrored is a sharp and aggressive sonic onslaught, like if the cold, hard machine-like feel of the 21st century was synthetically crystallized into sound. The tension between instruments has each pushing inward; the progressive riffage held up by the snapping elasticity of the bass, supported by the punishing drums. Every piece of this apocalyptic puzzle presses with such pressure that with one slip, the entire monument would collapse into experimental rubble. Yet the mathematic exactness of Battles' electricity finds warmth in a perpetual groove that rolls alongside dueling instrumentation. There are no traditional vocals on the album. Tyondai Braxton's larynx - as if hardwired through the city's power-lines - emerges here and there as a chopped and screwed vocoder cackle, like the loops of a mad scientist. When "Atlas" implodes with its counter-beat and affected, robotic whine, it's like War of the Worlds - but scarier. Meanwhile, the cardio workout of the drum-work might just throw us into an irregular heartbeat and leave our muscles sore just from listening. Around ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier, it's as if the rest of Battles reached bare-handed into an electrical box and ripped out fist-fulls of live wire showering sparks and buzzing with electrical current -- these are the machine-like, futuristic space-sounds of Mirrored -- like TV on the Radio for tech-heads and astronauts. - Joe Coscarelli

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WOW, the video totally does right by that song