17 June 2007

"I once smiled at her 'til the shift-boss said get back to work."

Kelly's a renegade. A maverick, even. But is this something Clive cooked up? An image? Or worse, did she just write a really bad album? You tell me.

Kelly Clarkson Judas
Kelly Clarkson Sober


Elizabeth said...

hmmm. "judas" is not so good. made me think of evanescence (shudder). "sober" is a little better but nothing really catches me. this one reminds me of sarah mclachlan. sigh.

Anonymous said...

this album is nothing short of amazing. kelly clarkson wrote or co wrote all the songs making it a personal album for her. i dont think it was about selling records this time around. i think it was about growing as an artist which she does on this album. all the songs are amazing. screw clive.