14 June 2007

"I got my swag."

I realize that if you are into the interweb at all, you've come across your fair share of Justice write-ups and mp3s in the past couple weeks and even months. The story has been told: two French guys hook up with Busy P and the whole Ed Banger scene, work some remixes and finally put out their debut, †, which proceeds to rattle some dance music purists who don't roll with the new school of filter-based explosions that have maybe something in common with stadium rock. The record basically doesn't sound too far off from Jock Jams vol. 1 if Jock Jams had more Ecstasy and finesse, fusing hard rock and disco instead of testosterone and bad samples. But the ends are comparable -- this can bowl over stadiums and I can't hear the record without imagining clips of crowds exploded into cheers because that deafening roar, passed through a distorted filter is what Justice sounds like. Jess Harvill reviewed the album here and I thought it was spot on. Her album reviews are consistently becoming my favorite to read.

So despite the hype-wave, I feel a duty to post these songs for two reasons. Both of these tracks made the album and are even singles, but I came across them on the Ed Banger Records compilations vol. 1 & 2, respectively. And frankly, they just crush 'D.A.N.C.E.' into oblivion, even if that is the hooky cross-over that won't leave your head (which it is). The second reason is that while listening to my iPod on shuffle today, 'Waters of Nazareth' came on and smashed my head. It was so crushingly loud that I didn't know what had hit me and my brain started buzzing. I looked around, glass-eyed and people were starring at me because of the vibrations coming from my headphones. Turn it up, I dare you:

Justice Waters of Nazareth
Justice Phantom

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