30 June 2007

"I've been doin' my best to stay hater-free."

Perhaps the highest profile leak of the still-young summer is that of one of the most stagnant, and dare I say, predictable bands we mess with. With Interpol, you know what you're getting: one part Joy Division, one part sharp suits, a brooding presence, looming atmospherics and some embarrassing lyrics. It's highly entertaining to witness the frenzy of backlash this band can garner by changing little to nothing from their mostly lauded debut, equal to, if not exceeding the fury that generates when a band "betrays" its roots or past fan-base. But Our Love To Admire still brings it, and I'm starting to find it gets better with each listen.

The nature of a band like Interpol is that people made up their minds by Antics, if not earlier. This is a hate-able band, no doubt. Carlos D is a Pete Wentz for the indie/goth set, and you'll be hard pressed to find someone defending Banks as a lyricist. But if you could take it two times, the third should really be no different. And if you're a Bright Lights-er through and through, Our Love isn't necessarily bringing you back. That said, spin this album a few more times -- push through it -- and I think you'll find something to latch onto, whether it's the ridiculousness behind "No I In Threesome", the "Where Is My Mind" riff of "Rest My Chemistry", or the one step outside the box on the closer "Lighthouse".
I'm loving that The National, everyone's favorite 'grower', released an album that was immediately realized and generally praised, but Interpol, the boys with no surprises, might've put out an album that has yet to reveal itself. Let's talk again at the end of the year.

For now, take some live National (The White Sessions live in France) and an Interpol b-side from way back (maybe my favorite song of theirs), to give these bands the attention they deserve but switch it up from the album cuts everyone has by now.

The National Apartment Story (live)
The National Fake Empire (live)

Interpol Specialist
*edit* "Specialist" shouldn't skip anymore.

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