12 June 2007

"Lucky just to keep afloat."

Massive day. You've got your trippy candidates for musicians of the year (between Person Pitch, Pullhair Rubeye, and so far, Strawberry Jam). You've got your rhythmic innovators -- so consistent of late that it's becoming frightening. And lastly, you've got your AM-slow-golden-hits, courtesy of my second favorite Canadian collective.

Animal Collective Peacebone
Liars Houseclouds
The New Pornographers Adventures in Solitude

Get 'em while they're hot.


Anonymous said...

Wow, where'd you get the NP track?

Joseph Coscarelli said...

Matador is doing this great thing called "Buy Early, Get Now" in order to beat leaks by letting you stream the album from the time you preorder it until you receive it. Great marketing idea. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for us) someone just ripped that stream and it sounds pretty decent. Still do check it out though: http://www.buyearlygetnow.com/promo2.php

Anonymous said...

Got my code...whole album's great. Yeah, I did notice after that sometime when people started getting theirs, it leaked.