27 June 2007

"Now we're movin', now we're taking control."

Tilly and the Wall
Bottoms of Barrels
Team Love [2006] BUY ME

So I've sat with this album for almost a year and a half now, seen the band live twice and I still can't get over their smiles. The good vibes come in boatloads. They know what youth means but they can break hearts with the best of 'em -- there's nothing amateur here; they write like adults. I reviewed the album because it's finally getting an Australian release 1 year later. I should have an interview with them coming soon. I also posted one of my favorites from their pre-
Wild Like Children days called "Shake Shake" along with a new CSS remix of what I like to think of as their Ode to Conor O.

Tilly and the Wall might just kill you with kindness. It'd be easy to say that the band sings and plays with a hop in their collective step if this hop wasn't so unimaginably consistent but this band is just skipping through life, all jump rope, hopscotch, and gumdrops under rainbows on sunny days, the peak of jubilation after the storm has cleared. Don't underestimate, though; beyond pearly-white smiles, innocent doe-eyes and family-friendly indie-folk are burning little embers of mischief and rebellion and even grief -- but mostly, an adolescent exuberance that manifests itself in snarl and four-letter words, like drinking with friends or sexy, small-town physical attraction. Tilly and the Wall secrete a sweaty but sensual bounce, a comprehension of youth and the sounds that should score it.

Oh, yeah -- this is "that tap-dance" band. No drum-kit, just heel-toe clicks and stomps, but I'll be damned if Jamie Pressnall does dance her way into your heart. No gimmicks to be found, because as it turns out, Pixie Stix don't make good drum sticks and the only hyper-happy percussive alternative was a pretty girl with quick feet. Read the rest...

Tilly and the Wall The Freest Man (CSS remix)
Tilly and the Wall Shake Shake

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