27 June 2007

"On the playground where I spent most of my days.."

Out of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comes the optimistically voracious and buoyant duo Taxi and Tables. But this isn't the latest East-meets-West buddy-cop flick, nor that new diner on the corner downtown. In actuality, Taxi and Tables are the song writing partnership responsible for your new favorite classic rock revivalists, Dr. Dog. The distinct single monikers, though, aren't a statement of grandeur like Madonna or Prince, flaunted on neon signs or pyrotechnic backdrops, but instead represent a much larger musical conceptualization – an upbeat dogma that counts at least three other T-alliterated character among its disciples.

"It's a fun clubhouse game to play that separates your identity from what you're doing in the band," says Taxi (or Scott McMicken, by the will of his parents). "Whatever is going on for Scott doesn't necessarily have to apply to Dr. Dog. I don't need my name to be associated with the things that I do." PLEASE READ THE REST...

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Dr. Dog
Ain't It Strange
Dr. Dog Worst Trip

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