15 June 2007

"You're not hopeless or helpless, and I hate to sound cold.."

It's always good to hear from Karen O and her boys. So far, they've yet to disappoint me whether with their grimy, jagged side (Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP and Fever to Tell) or when they decided to step out of their comfort zone a bit on Show Your Bones. It was a largely overlooked record and frankly, I think it has been unfairly passed up. But who am I kidding, cred is not something they lack in any regard and people made up their minds long ago, largely with a positive result.

Myself, I'm always up for some spastic grrrl power (and I do prefer O at her most howling and out of control, though her coy whispers are becoming, as well). Brian Chase always provides solid percussion, and has a nonchalance that balances well with Karen and the moody snarl of Nick Zinner's skinny goth boy posturing (which works for him).

Sound of the City covered the YYYs recent video shoot in Brooklyn that found them in an intimate situation with a room full of females to shoot a video for "Down Boy" from the band's upcoming EP, Is Is. Yeah, I'm jealous. Read about it and you will be, too. The EP is great, packed with the swagger and bite that we've come to know and love. It's certainly not a change of pace, but when that pace is breakneck and still kicks our ass everytime, I can't imagine complaining."Down Boy" is something I imagine Karen O has to tell men frequently. The song starts as a spacey number, building atmosphere with effects and a clicking drum beat, but sure it enough it erupts and even finds a pretty compelling groove in the chorus before resorting back to the dark and brooding verse. With the right video, this spark could catch. "Kiss Kiss" has been a staple of the live show and is tightly packed with a nice little explosion. But Karen's chilling whisper at the end makes it.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Down Boy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Kiss Kiss

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