01 July 2007

"Overdone, overdrive, overlive, override."

As soon as "Watch What You Say to Me" dropped, I knew I had to post on it, first because Hov actually sounds alive, which is a feat in itself. Apart from actually flowing, the Jigga Man managed to drop a little bit of knowledge on some young ones who might be getting ahead of themselves (*cough*). Nonetheless being as I am, I procrastinated on a post and Breihan beat me to it. No surprise there; and it's not even a race because frankly, we're not in the same league or playing the same game -- I shouldn't even bother. So I figured I'd sit with the track for a minute and I still found it worthy of mentioning. That said, the entire album has leaked by now and it's exactly the inconsistent mess everyone thought it would be, but the most important thing going on doesn't have anything to do with T.I. or T.I.P.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Wayne's been jabbing and gabbing like a child itching for attention. It's sort of like that teenager talking big game on his older brother/father/father-figure before stepping on the basketball court even though he knows he's going to get his rear end handed to him. And just like that situation, it's not necessarily about talent or hunger, it's just that this man was playing before you stood up. Besides a magazine interview which he later apologized for Wayne came hardest in his version of Beyonce's "Upgrade U" where he pulled the line "I'ma boss, your man is just an employer, mami," which came pretty blatant. Now of course this is still fairly reserved but there have been others and it's clearly a situation of buildup. Whether it was a nudge over B's beat or not that finally put him over the edge, Jay finally sounds mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore -- at least not in complete silence.
In "Watch What You Say", Jay warns sternly, "I hear you baitin' me lately" and then promises "sooner or later I'll take you up on your offer and put you all in your place like I'm replacing your father," which is a pretty obvious reference to Birdman and the creepy Daddy complex Weezy has going on. Carter Sr. wraps it up by mentioning that his DNA is "in your music," which may or may not be a play on the Shawn Carter/Dwayne Carter thing. It all remains pretty subliminal and I'd say Wayne's far from getting Ether'd but with all of this bubbling, lets just say I'm more amped than ever for I Can't Feel My Face and Tha Carter III just to see how far W.F.B. is willing to take this. Jay acted his age, played disiplinarian and issued a firm warning shot, but at the same time I wonder if he has what it takes to take it to the next level. I'll part with a nice allusion from another Lil' Wayne rival, Gillie da Kid, and ask, "When did it become cool for Danielson to disrespect Mr. Miyagi?".

T.I. ft. Jay-Z Watch What You Say To Me


But while I am making a hip-hop post, can everyone PLEASE explore the greatness that is The Hood Internet. They are single-handedly keeping mash-ups relevant and these are perfect for summer. Genius, ya dig? My favorite so far:

TV on the Radio / UGK I Was An International Player (ABX)

Oh, and yessir...

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Amber said...

Hey Joe, thanks for the tip about The Hood Internet. I downloaded their mix tape, it's definitely growing on me. Keep up the good writing, I enjoy reading it.