20 August 2007

"Meet me at the wrecking ball."

Tilly and the Wall: A Spoonful of Sunshine

La Mala Educación, Spanish film auteur Pedro Almodóvar's foray into religion, abuse and transsexuality, finds actor Gael García Bernal playing multiple roles, both male and female. And where Almodóvar's most lauded films typically deal in feminist themes and dynamic heroines, a male cast and sexual quirks allowed the female mystique to be examined through a new, albeit controversial lens. Tilly and the Wall's song of the same name ('Bad Education') explores similar scenes of steamy sex and transgender insecurities, a ripe coming-of-age for a band obsessed with youthful exuberance but never quite reaching this level of sexed up, latin-flavored audacity.

Tilly and the Wall bassist and singer Kianna Alarid remembers the song, written by male-lead/guitarist Derek Presnall, but stresses the coincidental nature of it all. Call it a cosmic connection: "I don't believe he'd ever heard of [the film] until much later. I don't know if any of us have ever seen it still! It's one of many examples of parallel ideas happening all over the world at the same time. You notice it everywhere if you pay attention. Everything is put out into the ether and travels around free to be picked up by sensitive minds." READ MORE...

Tilly and the Wall Bad Education

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