20 August 2007

"She said it grieves me so to see you in such pain."

The new issue of the Deli is out and around Manhattan and Brooklyn as we speak. Pick it up and enjoy a copy. It features Parts and Labor on the cover (who put out a great album this year), along with an article on the decline of the Lower East Side and an interview I conducted with Battles.This is my piece from the previous issue, which has now been put online. Nic Offer was highly entertaining and said some outrageous things about their punk nature and dorky fans.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk): Post-Punk Punctuation
Nic Offer once told the world, "Giuliani's got his rules but we ain't no fools, let's break them," in response to the mayor's Orwellian style, Footloose-revival. This rebellious rhetoric is exactly the sort of gospel that the New York die-hards crave. As the frontman for the New York by-way-of Sacramento band !!! (pronounced, chk chk chk, or any other percussive onomatopoeia) Offer has his mutinous catch-phrases down to a science, serving as the ideal commander on the S.S. Groove. If !!! were indeed a ship, it'd be a jarring ride, as the band's pulsing groove-infused dance punk would surely rock the boat. The band's policies, as staunchly pro-dance, speak volumes about their ever-expaning legacy as purveyors of this high-octane breed of punk.

Along with bands like The Rapture, Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem, !!! have pioneered a resurgence of hip-shaking in live music, proving a complacency in the state of indie-rock and effectively doing something about it. In the topsy-turvy world in which we live, there is something to be said about deftly picking your battles. Amidst political unrest and apocalyptic foreshadowings, !!! stick to what they now, speaking out against serenity and immobility and championing those who made New York City what it is, the seedy underbelly of sweaty freaks with a hop in their step. READ THE INTERVIEW...

!!! Must Be The Moon

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