21 October 2007

"Ball 'til I fall." -- Bands Nine (9) to Eighteen (18); Day 3

I'm absolutely killing the game right now. Please call me Genghis Khan the way I conquered. From the early morn' to the early morn' I watched bands. In record stores, empty rooms, packed clubs and apartments. They played on high stages, low stages, the floor, the couch, and in chairs. They broke strings, sticks, light fixtures and hearts. And then they broke my will. Almost.

Thursday. Thirteen hours of live music. Ten NYC bands. Many more from places that don't matter nearly as much. The stalwarts, the amateurs, the boys, the men, the girls, the women, the ear-splitting, the soothing and The Next Big Huge Thing. Let me take you there.

My first stop was breakfast -- scrambled eggs and sausage -- hoping to provide myself the sustenance I needed to suceed. Then, Vampire Weekend�scored breakfast at Other Music. As in, "got it for free" (we all did). And as in, "provided the music for." Say what you will about their preppy quirk, pop-kitsch lyrics and subsequent short shelf-life. Will our children know who Lil John is? Probably not. So what. Fact is, these boys are near-perfect. Beyond the fact that the songs are infectious and clever, the band is flawless. Smack in the middle of a silent record store every sound better be squeaky-clean, circular guitar licks and Casio whirrs included. And it was. After the show, the band was traveling to the UK to open for The Shins. In a few months it could very well be the other way around.

The remainder of the daylight hours were spent patrolling the LES, centered around the Gothamist House at The White Rabbit. Here, New York City represented hard and often. For instance... Once upon a time there was a boy named Thurston. He fell in sloppy slacker love with Kim and they formed an eternal bond (and band), and so there was Sonic Youth. This is a guitar-rock fairytale that The Muggabears know very well with '90s worship present in every sludgy note. Three piece. Female bassist. Assault of the tremolo bar. Remember Sister and Murray Street? So do The Muggabears - check out this mp3. READ THE REST

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