01 October 2007

"Go ahead and switch the style up..."

Do you ever feel like you're constantly playing catch-up?

Not exactly... but now that I have your attention, let me introduce Clare Muldaur. She recently put out an album under the name Clare and the Reasons called The Movie on Frog Stand Records. And yes, it features Mr. Stevens on the great, jazzy "Nothing/Nowhere" and some string arrangements by Van Dyke Parks, recently known as the genius behind the string-schmaltz of Ys from everyone's favorite indie-heartthrob harpist. But it's also filled with quirky, lovey-dovey storytelling and the languid, smooth female vibrato of Clare herself.
The album is truly one of the year's hidden gems and I can't imagine why it has not yet crept into the current consciousness. It's a wonderful, light little record and comes highly recommended. The Voice was a bit more lukewarm but I did my own write up over at Wireless Bollinger, part of which is right here:

Clare & The Reasons
The Movie

The mystery behind the ever-arbitrary hype machine, about who and what will garner internet buzz, meets a conundrum in the case of Clare Muldaur. More and more frequently musicians sell out their first handfuls of show or gain a following on the strength of an EP or even scattered demos, yet as the release of Muldaur's The Movie (credited to Clare & The Reasons) approaches, mum's the word. Let us call her Brooklyn's best kept secret.

As the underground so successfully becomes the over-ground thanks to hot shot bloggers and the magic of technological networking, there remains a few shortcuts to world wide (web) celebrity, each failing to ignite our potential heroine in limbo. The lineage is there – Clare's father Geoff Muldaur is a celebrated blues singer and producer from the folk revival in the Northeastern states. Next, consider the record's guests, including the inescapable Sufjan Stevens and composer Van Dyke Parks (recently of Joanna Newsom's Ys fame, not to mention his sidekick role to Brian Wilson). Couple innate hipster nepotism with some famous friends and you might expect the biggest internet sensation since Ms. Newsom or even Mr. Stevens himself. And yet somehow, the music world sleeps on it. READ THE REST

Clare & The Reasons Alphabet City

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