15 October 2007

"I feel fine."

by Joseph Coscarelli

The CMJ 2007 Music Marathon & Film Festival lasts from October 16th-October 20th, five days of the world's best up and coming bands and filmmakers in rapid-fire succession. Running the CMJ Marathon in the name of The Deli Magazine consists of braving the elements -- long lines, big crowds, pricey drinks, etc -- and seeing twenty-six (yes, 26) New York City bands in this five day period.

Five straight days can feel like an eternity.

Legend has it that one Marathon runner swore off alcohol. But not prior to running, as part of some fascist training regiment that champions purity and protein shakes. No -- this is a different breed of race. After the CMJ Marathon, where the 26 performances replace 26 physical miles, with his wallet bled dry and liver soaked with booze, the only viable option was abstaining from drinks altogether. Get on the wagon.

Burnt out and dried up might be the only way to come out of this. Pheidippides, the Greek soldier from whose exploits the term "marathon" comes, was not so lucky. Upon arriving in Athens after his run, he collapsed dead from exhaustion.

And yet it's all so alluring. Imagine sprinting stage to stage, bolting venue to venue and dashing from party to showcase. The experience -- a form of binge-drinking for the show-going set -- is not exactly glamorous but there's something mythical about the urgency of it all.

Like a correspondent from the front lines, ducking bombs and dodging bullets in the form of power-chords and drum fills, it will be my job to bring the action to you, the sane music fan, while you pace yourself, see a few shows and enjoy what you miss through capsulized recaps and innumerable photoblogs.

Maybe I'm a glutton for over-exertion, constantly stretching myself too thin. Or maybe I just revel in a good challenge. Whatever the case, I'm charging into this year's Marathon (featuring NYC acts like Professor Murder, O'Death, Aa and many, many more) head on, with reckless abandon. If I come out on the other side hating alcohol, or worse, live shows, the suffering will be worthwhile if only for the stories I will tell.
Tuesday 10/16
1. Takka Takka - 1:00 PM - Puck Building Day Stage

2. Swati - 7:00 PM - Mo' Pitkins New Arrivals Showcase

3. Rachael Sage - 7:30 PM - Mo' Pitkins New Arrivals Showcase

4. The Felice Brothers - 8:30 PM - Southpaw

5. AA Bondy - 9:30 PM - Southpaw

6. Dean and Britta - 10:00 PM - Bowery Ballroom

7. The Rosewood Thieves - 11:30 PM - Southpaw

Wednesday 10/17
8. Excellent - 7:30 PM - Europa

9. Freshkills - 8:30 PM - Europa

10. The Vandelles - 9:30 PM - Europa

11. Bloody Social - 10:30 PM - Europa

12. Theo and the Skyscrapers - 11:30 PM - Europa

Thursday 10/18
13. The Jaguar Club - 6:00 PM - Indaba Loft

14. The Epochs - 8:30 PM - Blender Theater at Gramercy

15. Orba Squara - 9:00 PM - Southpaw (iPhone song!!!)

16. Pela - 11:00 PM - Bowery Ballroom

17. Elk City - 11:30 PM - Joe's Pub

18. Camphor - 12:30 PM - Joe's Pub

Friday 10/19
19. The Muggabears - 2:15 PM - Gothamist House

20. The Jealous Girlfriends - 3:00 PM - Gothamist House

21. The Big Sleep - 3:45 PM - Gothamist House

22. Sam Champion - 6:45 PM - Gothamist House

23. Santogold - 8:50 PM - Filmore at Irving Plaza

24. Earl Greyhound - 9:40 PM - Filmore at Irving Plaza

Saturday 10/20
25. Nous Non Plus - 7:00 PM - Indaba Loft

26. Matt & Kim - 11:00 PM - Music Hall of Williamsburg

Stay tuned for full blog coverage HERE.

CMJ stars I'll be skipping:
M.I.A. Paper Planes ft. Bun B and Rich Boy
Justice Phantom pt. II

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