10 December 2007

"I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray." -- THE ALBUM-OTY I SHOULD'VE (and ONCE) HATED

#1 TEGAN & SARA - The Con

Aly & AJ and t.A.T.U. are two groups of young women (girls?) that, to me, were all but equal to T&S before 2007. Sure, Rock God Jack White only chose to cover one song from their collective catalogs (Answer: T&S's "Walking With a Ghost" from 2004's So Jealous) but let's be serious, lesbian Canadian twins with acoustic guitars aka card-carrying Ani Difranco fanclubbers? They put out a new album, I put it on, and it bled -- one track into another. Lackluster, zzzzz. Where are the hooks? But by the time Wireless B. editor Justin Pearsall wrote on the year's "sleepers," I was windtalking. I wrote:

“I approached The Con with a bit of undeserved cynicism with regards to their substance. Sure I'd hummed along with 'Walking With A Ghost', 'I Know I Know I Know' and of course, the ubiquitous 'You Wouldn't Like Me' from their last album So Jealous, but I just never put much stock into their skill as songwriters – Canadian twins just sounds like a fun gimmick. When I first heard the new record it was accessible and slick, but to the point of being slippery, in one ear and out the other. I had trouble discerning tracks and was content to let it slide by as background music. Then, out of nowhere, I unknowingly took the bait, leaving myself happily infected. The hooks on this record come rapid-fire; I can't even imagine how I initially missed them. The girls' sugary sweet voices never let up, constantly taking their harmonies to new levels of contagiousness. It's revealed itself as some of the best pop songwriting I've heard in a long time and positioned itself atop my most listened to albums of the year.”

And shit, whatdoyouknow? I still love it. Now, my mother and sister ride around in the car singing along (it's the only album I've purchased this year -- yeah, I paid $0.00 for R-head, but so did you). I also saw them motormouth through a live set. Then, I interviewed Sara Quinn. This was the result:
On her recent trip to New York City to perform at the city's Webster Hall venue, Sara Quin was spotted. A well-intentioned (if uninformed) young girl, around 13-years-old by Quin's estimation, lassoed in one-half of the sisterly duo with a baldly exclaimed fact. "You're that singer that was on MTV," the child asserted. She was indeed correct.

Named MTV's Artist of the Week earlier this year after the release of their fifth LP The Con, the network revealed Tegan and Sara to an entirely new demographic. But perhaps "revealed" is too euphemistic. Commercial segments were shown between and after every show on the network, sandwiching the twins' infectious acousti-pop between episodes of Real World: Sydney and Pageant Place, among handfuls of other reality programming. READ THE REST

Tegan and Sara I Was Married
The White Stripes Walking With a Ghost

"Umbrella" after the jump...

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