16 December 2007

"I'm trying your monogamy in increments of 1, 2, 3." -- THE CUTEST CROOKED SMILE-OTY (ever?)

#1 Ellen Page
I saw Juno. but... Caveat emptor: it was free, so yeah, that may have colored my thoughts.

Overall, it was pretty enjoyable if you're not looking for it to change your life (see below) and more importantly, pretty low on the chick-flick scale -- a legitimate concern as the pregnancy developed. But be warned, all of the reviews (mainly the ones that matter) that mention how contrived the beginning feels are accurate -- stick it out, it gets much better. 3.5/5
This bullshit, though, is unacceptable:

Diablo Cody crams so many unlikely gluts of verbiage into so many sterile, undeveloped characters that the whole production is the ultimate act of masturbatory puppetry.

Seriously? Maybe Mr. Film Freak was using literary device, but if we want to talk about "masturbatory puppetry" and "gluts of verbiage" let's all read that review aloud together. This movie is getting strawman-ed left and right because obviously it's an easy target. Hip this and hip that... I get it, I really do. Selling kitsch and quirk to blank-mind masses can be frustrating, and we're turning into "Generation Urban Outfitters" (yo, DS) for a reason.

And yes, the characters occasionally speak like Rory and Lorelai. Congratulations! You're a hack!

That said, I trust that enough people of age that care about things of this nature have the self-awareness and understanding of how the world works to a) not get fooled by the film's "indie cool" and b) to be able to enjoy it in spite of its missteps.

If you want to skip it on moral grounds -- "They're pre-packaging indie culture and selling it back to kids who don't have any of their own.." -- then okay. And if you want to see it to shit on it, it's certainly not hard (see above review). But if you just want a cute (yeah, what?) movie with some good performances, it's damn enjoyable. See AO Scott (linked above):

“Juno” ... respects the idiosyncrasies of its characters rather than exaggerating them or holding them up for ridicule. And like Juno herself, the film outgrows its own mannerisms and defenses, evolving from a coy, knowing farce into a heartfelt, serious comedy.

More importantly though, Kimya Dawson's music was used in a way that could have been so ham-fisted, but turned out to be just plain endearing if you have a beating heart. Each track is sincere, playful, insecure, naive, etc. Adolescence in song form. Be a good person and buy some Moldy Peaches for the teen in your life this holiday season. IT'S GOOD FOR THE KIDS. Life changing? Maybe, maybe not.... but Jesus, at least Diablo Cody lets you decide.

The Shins. You know 'em?

The Moldy Peaches Nothing Came Out
The Moldy Peaches Anyone But You
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